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Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology

SoftChalk Resources is a computer program that enables easy creation of interactive instructional content. The Teaching and Learning Center has purchased one copy of the program for use on a designated computer in the Teaching and Learning Center lab.


Introduction Slideshow: 0:60 seconds [WEBSITE]
The six slides give a quick introduction to the SoftChalk tool available at the Teaching & Learning Center.

Introduction Video: 1:56 min demo [WEBSITE]
A quick overview of the features that make SoftChalk an ideal tool for busy faculty who want to create interactive learning content quickly and easily. We have purchased a license for a copy of the desktop application. Please visit the Teaching & Learning Center to use the software. (The site does make a 30-day trial of the software available for download.)

*Please seek assistance in the Teaching & Learning Center for the best method of delivering
your SoftChalk lessons at ICC.

SoftChalk Calendar of Live Online Demos [WEBSITE]
Go to the website to register for free, live presentations delivered to your desktop via web conferencing. They offer a weekly introductory session on SoftChalk, as well as an on-going "Innovators in Online Learning" webinar series.

Examples/ Demonstrations

Sample Lesson: 5:20 min demo [WEBSITE]
View a sample lesson created with SoftChalk. All of the interactive lesson features are demonstrated, as experienced from the student's perspective.

Creating Materials

Create a Lesson Basics: 4:45 min demo [WEBSITE]
The basics for creating a lesson using SoftChalk.

Multiple-page Lessons: 1:44 min demo [WEBSITE]
Turn a single page lesson into a multiple-page lesson, complete with easy user navigation.

Interactive Activities: 4:16 min demo [WEBSITE]
Creating interactive Flash-based activities was never easier! See how to create activities and integrate them throughout a lesson.

Text Annotations: 4:18 min demo [WEBSITE]
See how easy it is to create pop-up text annotations to enhance a lesson.

Self-Check Questions: 5:13 min demo [WEBSITE]
Enhance the student's learning experience by adding interactive self-check questions to a lesson.

Package a Lesson: 3:50 min demo [WEBSITE]
The lesson packaging feature in allows you to easily package your lesson in standard zip or SCORM format for easy delivery on a learning management system (LMS), on a web server, or on a CD-ROM.

SoftChalk Support

SoftChalk Quick Reference Guide [PDF]
This 10 page guide to using SoftChalk has been customized specifically for developing a lesson using the TLC SoftChalk program and publishing it to Blackboard.

SoftChalk 7 User Guide [PDF]
The entire manual to using and creating lessons with the SoftChalk program. The guide has a table of contents organized by topic and is 294 pages.


SoftChalk Connect [WEBSITE]
SoftChalk’s online community and Learning Object Repository where educators can create,
explore, share and deliver learning resources for enhanced teaching and learning.

Blackboard Building Block

SoftChalk Building Block
The SoftChalk Building Block has been launched at ICC. Visit or contact the Teaching & Learning Center for more information on using the building block.